10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on the First Date


1. So why are you still single

Although you may feel like it is an honest question, all a girl hears is, “What is wrong with you?” Even if you mean it in a positive way, it will almost never come off that way.


2. My ex loved this place

Great, so now I have to compete with your ex? On a first date with a woman, never ever mention how great or bad previous girlfriends, wives or lovers were. The date should be focused on getting to know the lady in front of you, not outwardly comparing here to previous flings. The date will end before you know it if you do.


3. Are you a feminist?

There is plenty of time in a relationship to get into politics, personal views and whole smattering of over controversial topics. Bringing this up on a first date usually establishes first that you are not interested in feminism; you do not believe it and generally just how ignorant you may be one subject. Let her educate you.

4. I live with my mom.

Whether you do or do not… it’s not exactly a confidence started for most dates. Although, your mom may be mother Theresa, Betty Crocker and Mother Mary rolled into one, learning you still live with your parents may not be the best first date conversation.


5. I ordered for you.

On a first date ordering for someone, you virtually know nothing about is a classic mistake. You have a low chance of success why risk it?


6. I loved that Facebook pic.

The fact that you did a social media background check is smart. That you thought it was necessary to let her know you “creeped” her is in fact creepy.

7. You want kids?

The marriage proposal and number of children discussion can almost assuredly wait for a second, third or dare we say it 5th date. These truly personal matters should maybe wait until you find out what type of music she likes or movies are her favourites.


8. I hate…

Keeping the date positive should be one of your number one priorities. If you are a constant complainer about the food, the waitress, your family; you are only enforcing a negative viewpoint, which she may also transfer onto you by the end of the date.


9. I bet you can’t wait to have sex with me.

Stating your sexual prowess may seem like confidence, but the proof is in the pudding. Bragging about it beforehand is just poor form, besides, let her be the judge of that.


10. I just want you to know that I am dating other women.

No woman is going to assume that you are not dating other women on a first date. The fact that you need to state it is just bragging about your harem. Remember modesty is your friend.


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