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5 Reasons It’s Tough To Find Love In A Big City

5 reasons it’s tough to find love in a big city

There are plenty of perks of living in a big city like London, Paris or New York. You get better restaurants, better nightlife, better attractions, better transport. There’s always something awesome to see or do. Yet, in spite of this, there’s one complaint that many city-slickers share. It’s too difficult to find love. The difficulty of finding love in a large city might not make sense to those in the surburbs. After all, we surrounded by thousands of people. Surely, that makes things easier?

Not necessarily. Here are five things that big city constituents have going against them.


1. There’s too much more to do

City folk are commitment-phobes. There’s just too much to see and do, assuming we aren’t too tired from our ten-hour working day and two-hour commute. With extra hours in the office (or last-minute cocktails with work colleagues) so common, we’d do well to commit to a dinner date, let alone a relationship.


2. There’s too much choice

City folk suffer from ‘grass is greener’ syndrome. We have too many potential partners to pick from, especially since the emergence of Tinder and other online dating applications. Why should we settle for you when there’s thousands of alternatives just a right swipe away?


3. There’s too much distance


Even if you manage to meet the woman of your dreams in the city centre, it’s quite likely she lives twenty miles or more away, or she’s a tourist. The world’s biggest cities are too sparse, so the odds are stacked against you seeing your sweetheart without spending two hours on the tube.


4. We’re too unfriendly


It’s lovely to hear of country villages where every resident knows everyone else and people stop to speak to passers-by. What a beautiful community spirit…Who has time for that in the city though? We’re in too much of a hurry. What’s more, with crime rates so high, we’re terrified when a stranger even smiles at us. This renders a romantic encounter at a cafe or the post office or almost anywhere in public almost impossible.


5. We’re not in it for the long haul

As much as we may enjoy the city, we can’t see ourselves staying for too long. Most of us can’t afford to get a mortgage here. Some of us can’t stand the fast pace of city life, and the high-flyers that love it could easily be tempted to a new abode by a bigger pay-cheque. With this in mind, we might not be looking for a long-term partner. Even if we do couple up, the odds are that one day we’ll be on the road again.

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    With so many articles out there on dating online, this was refreshing to read.

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