Can You Find “The One” With eHarmony?

Have you seen the little, grey-haired man who speaks about finding “The One” using 29 Dimensions of Compatibility?  Well, allow Guiltless Miss to enlighten you!



This is a bit different than most “Dating” sites due to the depth of the personality profile. The questions are, shall we say, less shallow and more about values.  While it does take some time to go through the whole personality profile, those who are really interested in a long term relationship and hopefully finding “The One” shouldn’t mind.  After taking the personality profile, users can print or save a free assessment to keep whether they stay on or not.



The site is very minimalistic and easy to use.  It is certainly geared towards the working adult who has no time to play games but is looking seriously for a mate.  While there is a search function, it is almost unnecessary. uses each person’s personality profile to match them up with the persons most likely to fit their needs.  The pool from which eHarmony offers matches is much smaller than those of regular dating sites.  A search will allow a user to search for those within certain distances, but eliminates the questions most other search avenues.  Again, everything is connected through the epic personality questionnaire when a person signs up.


There are multiple way to communicate with members from instant messaging to emails to real-time chatting.  Still, each member can choose to remain anonymous until they feel comfortable.  These features, like other sites, do require a paid membership. also has multiple articles and advice columns that are easily accessible on the home page.  Again, this site is geared towards those really looking for a strong relationship.



Just like other sites, communication with other members is by membership only.  A membership can be obtained on a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month subscription ranging from $60-$240 USD.  The price is much steeper than other “dating” sites, but again is seriously dedicated to finding a forever love instead of a playmate.


SUMMARY is impressive and would be most useful for anyone serious about not playing games and settling down.  It’s a no nonsense, no frills site geared towards professionalism and deeper values.  It is certainly for marriage-minded or long term commitment individuals looking for the same.

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  1. Sam Lawrence
    July 18, 2013

    Do you really think eHarmony can find you the one? I think that a bold statement – I think they can help…

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