Can you have your cake and eat it?

When I mentioning dating to most luscious bachelorettes, they roll their eyes and slink into a corner. To most of them dating spells boredom, awkwardness and rejection. The reality is that as a single woman you do need to date to find love. Dating can be delicious fun, here’s how.

You like cake right? Who doesn’t? Well dating is like walking into the top deli in Brisbane and being greeted by a smorgasbord of cakes. All the cakes look ‘to die for’ – light and fluffy with different flavours, sizes and toppings. Some are big three story cakes with chocolate, whipped cream and cherries. Some are simple mini vanilla sponge cakes with jam. And you stand with your face pressed against the glass salivating wondering which one to choose that will be just the right for you.

Without tasting the cakes, how do you know which one is going to be your favourite? Surely you need to taste as many different cake as possible to find out which one is the most delectable one. And not only that, you wouldn’t buy the whole three story cake just from tasting one slice. You’d taste the same cake a few times before you decide to buy the whole cake because what tasted delicious one day could taste awful the next day.

If you keep going for the same cake because you’ve always chosen that cake and know what it taste like and think you won’t be disappointed, you’ll miss out on all the other amazing cakes of different flavours and sizes that could lift your taste buds to new heights.

Dating is like tasting the different cakes. You need to date a variety of men of all shapes and sizes to see which one is the best fit for you. You won’t have much success finding love if you keep choosing the same type of man so experimenting with different types of men is important. Go on at least 3 dates with someone before you decide to flick or keep him. Whatever you do, have fun and indulge full heartedly in the delicious and mouth-watering dating game.

Or do you want to stay looking through the glass?

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