How to Start Sexting a Girl and What Every Guy Must Know

Let me just put this out there. Do not start with a dick pic. That should go without saying, but honestly, this is not the way to get things started. I know you are anxious to show her how hot and hard she makes you, but when you rush into sexting with a forceful tone like this, you are going to throw her off big time. So, you have a girl you want to start sexting with? Here are some tips on how to get started and woo her into wanting to sext with you.   Play it Casual If she thinks that sexting is all you want, she might be turned off immediately. Sometimes it is hard for guys to understand that girls aren’t wired for sex 24/7. The analogy I like to use is the moon. For guys, sex is like the full moon. They are pretty much always up for it and ready. Girls are more like a crescent moon. They are interested, of course, but you need to help get them to the full moon. And just like the moon’s cycle you can’t skip from crescent moon to full moon instantaneously. You need to through each […]

Traditional Dating Is Better Than Online Dating: Here’s Why

Traditional dating is quite simple; it is going out to a social event, (Bar, community gathering, library, coffee shop, sporting event, etc,) and meeting people. While you are out, your eye catches someone who tickles your fancy and you make your way over there to start a conversation. While conversing, you decide to give this person your phone number. You both start talking and then one day decide to go out on a date. That is what traditional dating is all about. Make no mistake, meeting people offline is better than meeting them online. Today, people have given up on traditional dating. It’s work. It’s effort. People want that quick relationship and that quick date. And if they get into a situation, they just are a click away from replacing them instead of working things out. The first thing you see online is someone’s profile picture and dating profile. Not only can they post fake pictures, there have been people who post pictures of what they looked like five years traditional dating is better than online dating ago! They also can tell you they love life when in fact they complain about just about everything. When you meet someone in […]

21st Century Online Dating Safety Tips

Dating has come a long way in the last 20 years. We have gone from introduction agencies where lovelorn singles were matched with a suitable partner based on an interview, to online dating apps where users swipe left or right based on a photo. In theory, online dating is a quick and easy way to meet Mr Right, but in practice, the entire process is a minefield. Most people use online dating sites without incident. They might not meet Mr Right, but they certainly don’t end up buried in a field. However, this doesn’t mean there are not sexual predators, manipulative narcissists and opportunities lurking out there in the ether. Online dating sites attract just as many weirdos as any other niche community, so it pays to be vigilant and keep your wits about you. To ensure you stay safe, here are some simple tips to help you navigate the world of online dating. Personal Information There is a world of information online, from addresses to telephone numbers. Much of this information exists on social networking sites, but if you Google a person you will find plenty more snippets of information about them. The point I am making here is […]

How Online Dating Helps People With Cartoon Fetishes Connect

The fascinating world of internet dating has something on offer for everyone. Romance is no longer the only criteria for people visiting these websites. Several niche dating sites have come up in the recent years to offer choices based on your quirky fetishes or hobbies, personal issues, and more. Online dating is how most people are meeting someone new these days. These web matchmaking services are striving hard to find you your perfect match! It could be based on conventional dating parameters like geographical location, religious beliefs, race, age, weight, height, or if your prefer a particular kink. With studies indicating that couples who met on the net are 25% less likely to separate, it is no wonder that people are turning to an unbiased medium to look for their other halves!   Sexuality and Society As it is, human sexuality is a complicated and touchy topic. Added with society’s views on sexual conduct and behavior, can lead to a person feeling ashamed of his feelings and desires. It makes him bury his natural instincts and sexual likes or dislikes, preference, kinky ideas, fetishes, and turn-ons, deep inside. Because of societal pressure, several people remain tied in unfulfilled relationships!   Fetishes […]

Top 5 Ideas For An Awesome Christmas Date

Christmas is coming. It is the most romantic and magic time of the year when dreams come true. Do you like her but do not dare to ask her out? Maybe you are afraid of making a move.

The Relationship Paradox: You want to feel loved but feel the need to run when it arrives

Rachel, an attractive woman in her 30’s confessed to me, tears streaming down her face, that she never feels attracted to men who are interested in her.

Restarting The Convo: What To Text A Guy You Like

Every girl has that one guy that sticks in her mind. The week you ditched him you were soooooo sure about your feelings for him: he’s hardly that good looking, barely even funny, and you were definitely right when you told him to hit the road.

Dating Burn-Out

How often have you heard singles say I want to date but I just can’t be bothered! Whenever I hear this I know this person is in the dating burn-out phase. They’ve had their fill of bad dates and are in desperate need of solitude.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on the First Date

Here's 10 things that you should absolutely never ever say to a woman on a date. Ever.

How often is Mr/Mrs Right your Dating Type?

We all have our list of who we’d classify as appropriate partners for us. Our ‘type’ of person who we envisage spending the rest of our lives with. However is looking for our ‘type’ the right approach to dating? The surprising results in dating site eHarmony’s research is that 69% of people they surveyed are in thriving relationships but not with someone whom they would have defined as their “type”.