Safe Dating For Singles

  Having Fun Without Putting Yourself at Risk You should remember your dates for all the right reasons, not just because something went wrong! So, you’re single and looking to get out there and have some fun. Great! Playing the field and meeting some new ladies will see you meeting Mrs Right soon enough – and provide you with plenty of fun-filled evenings in the meantime. While it’s easy to get caught up in a whirlwind of hot dates though, it’s important to never forget your own safety. After all, what is a sensual night between the sheets can leave you with some pretty unpleasant side effects later on! So here’s your guide to dating safely without sacrificing on any of the pleasure. Don’t get too drunk Sometimes it’s tempting to rely on some Dutch courage to help you approach an attractive lady, but mixing lots of alcohol and romance can sometimes lead to dire consequences. From waking up in the morning and not remembering where you are to not being totally in control of your actions, getting drunk during a date can be disastrous. Besides, if you drink too much you’ll be unlikely to remember what happened the night […]

Attraction, Blocked Calls & a Burner Cell

It's time you guys started taking responsibility for your own negativity. Yes, I said it and I meant it.

Do’s And Don’ts On Your First Date

Finding love doesn't need to be difficult if you follow these rules while dating. Getting back into dating can be pretty scary. We're bombarded with so much information about what we should and shouldn't do that the whole experience soon becomes no fun at all. So how can you successfully play the dating game? Well, this guide will tell you everything you need to know – and forget – about modern dating.

How Does Dom/Sub Work With New Partners?

Many couples experiment with domination and submission – but how can you initiate it with your new partner?

Keep Him Interested With These Rules Of Texting

Congratulations, you got his number! These are exciting times for you. No longer do you need to wait until 3am for him to finally come online so that you can talk to him, nor do you need to panic about what to say to his face before making the excuse that you’re late for a doctor’s appointment “k bye”. Instead, you can text him what you want when you want.

Brazil’s Miss BumBum is a Huge Brazilian Barcelona Fan

Barcelona is home to one of the best football teams in the world – which has helped it to attract the attention of a Brazilian beauty. Barcelona is popular with tourists from all over the world. Now though, it's attracted a particularly glamorous bunch of them – the Brazilians.

Posting Nude Wife Videos on the Internet. Who Would Want to do That?

It’s perfectly legitimate to wonder why anyone would post a naked video of their wife online.

How To Get Over Him Using Four Powerful Steps

You were probably dating for a while and the relationship ended and you don’t know what to do Or maybe you to end things and now you find yourself wondering if that was really the right thing to do because you keep thinking about him. The truth is what you are going through is common and natural. All this is due to that you are experiencing an ongoing intense attraction towards your man and for such a reason you can’t seem to get him out of your head.

Handsome player VS Average Joe

Ladies, what's your type? Six feet tall, a slim, lithe physique and face like that of a GQ model? Or the nerdy, bespectacled guy in the tech department in perpetually rumpled clothes whose idea of a six pack is a carton of beer?

Top 3 Reasons People Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

After online dating for over 15 years, then creating a profession out of it, I do not think there is a single lie I have not seen, heard or experienced. We all know the standard online dating lies at this point, where women are notorious for lying about their age and weight and men about their height and income, but I am addressing bigger lies and the professional (and, personal!) reasons I believe people often lie in their dating profiles. Three will not do this justice, but let’s start here: