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Ladies, ever pondered the question whether you could actually find your Mr Right online? Maybe you’re wondering how your Internet dating experience compares. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for some guidance, wanting to learn from someone who’s been there, done that.

And, guys, do you wonder what happens when you take a girl on a date? Do you sit there wondering about what she
might be thinking? Wouldn’t it be great if someone had put all of those thoughts together into a nice book for you to read…and it had a dog?


What more are you looking for people?

Let me introduce you to eloves me, eloves me not by LA Johannesson. This book is a great glimpse into contemporary romance and all that it entails. In this romantic comedy, singleton Kayte Wexford (think an IT-savvy Bridget Jones with more confidence), turns to online dating to find the love of her life.  She’s encouraged by best friend, Chloe, who is already married and living the happily ever after, and her mate Roman, who is a self-professed serial dater who has learned a lot about what it takes to make online dating work for you. He’s even developed a series of rules for achieving success – if you’re online dating now Roman’s Rule of Online Dating are for you.

eloves me, eloves me not, by LA Johannesson, is a well written and funny novel that I thoroughly enjoyed from the moment I picked it up. It’s light-hearted but with a strong core that looks at some serious issues – becoming newly single work/life balance, fidelity and friendship. It introduces you to some wonderful and quirky characters who all have their opinions about looking for love.

The commentary on online dating is scarily accurate and it’s obviously been well researched by the author.

The witty dialogue, and plot twists and turns will keep you churning through the pages like never before.  So do yourself a favour, pick up a copy. Get to know Kayte and Tommy and Roman and Chloe, and Dylan. Take a realistic trek into online dating, embrace your inner voyeur and join Kayte on her quest to finally find love and see if you can predict where she’ll end up and with who. (Or is that whom?)

You can purchase eloves me, eloves me not here.

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  1. Sam Lawrence
    July 18, 2013

    Fun video! Love the concept!

  2. Loved the video also.

    Having read the book I have to say its a must read for anyone dating. Fun and informative at the same time.

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