Honesty in Online Dating Spells Success


Too many online daters misrepresent themselves, most dating sites have created this flaw and worse, have made people feel insecure about their appearance. Having to describe your body type is nearly impossible to do, as we all view people through different eyes. What one person feels is “average”, another person feels is “thin”, “over weight”, ‘curvy”, “a few extra pounds”, or even “bbw”. This starts off any possible communication on a sour note, if it gets to that point due to feeling there is a lack of honesty. It’s too easy to be judged by people with a “label” or “description”. People feel insecure about themselves for their own reasons, Online Dating Sites should not add to this, and start the experience off on a negative note by having members “describe” their body type. This is one of many flaws promoted by most Online Dating sites, and is a contributing factor in the negativity surrounding Online Dating, the cynical personalities and attitudes that are forced into people when creating an Online Dating Profile, and headlines reading as they do. The entire Online Dating Format needed to change.

At True Image Dating, we don’t have body types or descriptions, we let our member’s display profile pictures speak for themselves. This is one barrier of many we have overcome, this Spells Success when using our distinctive format and encourages our members to be proud and confident in their appearance.

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