How to give an erotic massage your partner will love


Are you struggling to reignite the passion in the bedroom? Or is the passion there but you just don’t know how to kickstart things once you get into bed?

All couples struggle to spice up their sex lives sometimes. Long work days, stressful kids and underlying tensions all get in the way, and it’s tough trying to work up the emotions necessary to have a mindblowing time together.

Giving your partner an erotic massage is one of the best ways to do this, Guysway will show you how to perform an amazing erotic massage to unwind after a hard day and get in the mood for a long night.

Strip down

First things first – get those clothes off. You partner needs to be 100% naked from start to finish. It helps if they’re lying on the floor, so put something soft and warm on it first. You want them to be comfortable at all times, after all.

Place a sheet over their back and put massage oil on your hands, arms and chest. Pay particular attention to your hands, making sure they’re properly moist and warm by the time you start.

Soft gliding

It is commonly thought that for a massage to be effective, it has to hurt a little. Well this is an erotic massage, and you want it to be more sensual than painful.

Begin by gently gliding your hands over their shoulders and neck. Use the whole of your hand as you do this, and don’t lift them off the body at any point.

Move down the back gradually, slowly increasing the pressure and length of the strokes. To save energy, it’s best to lean your bodyweight onto them to apply pressure, as opposed to using your hand muscles.

Get romantic

The whole point of this exercise is to excite your partner, so don’t be afraid to get romantic at points.

While massaging, allow your torso to bend down so that you’re lightly brushing their skin. This, alongside the occasional kiss to the neck, will help stimulate the senses.

Take this to another level as you move on by breathing warm air on to the spine as you go down, while licking in a circular motion. Once you’ve moved up and down the spine, end by kissing the ears.

Move down lower

At this point, skip the back and start massaging the buttocks with full-palmed, circular movements. Make sure your partner’s legs are open so that you’re lightly brushing past their inner thighs.

If all has gone well so far, they should be asking you to get on top by now. But don’t just yet – turn them over and start rubbing up and down their chest slowly while sitting on top of them.

Take it from there

By now if you’ve done everything correctly, your partner should be begging you to start. It’s up to you where you take things from here, but you’d be wasting an opportunity if you didn’t at least tease them a little further with oral sex and the suggestion of more massage. After all, if the moment feels good, make it last as long as you can.

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