How to Impress a Russian Woman (For Men)

Making out with women is quite delicate process in general, as you are dealing with an opposite nature. And if we are talking about interaction with an opposite sex which, in addition, has completely different mentality – as the situation between Western men and Slavic women is, the whole process requires even more involvement and awareness from both sides.  Here we name several points that will help you to look your best at your dating Russian or Ukrainian girl, as they are based on peculiarities of Slavic men these pay attention to. Some they like – and this is a point for you to chalk up, some – don’t, and these are for you to push off in your behavior. Whatever strategy is that you’ll chose, our recommendations will surely become useful you.


Dress nicely

This is like number one tip for those who want to date Russian girls. These females love dressing up and look their best so the first thing they will pay attention to seeing you for the first time is your outlook. No need to show yourself off – your clothes may be simple and inexpensive, though you shall deeply consider your style (you can have a hand of a friend or clothing shop assistant at this point, or get some fashion tips online or in magazines) and tidiness of your gown. Most of the surveyed girls said they wouldn’t date a guy who looks slipshot.


Be assertive

It is all about balance if we talk about the ideal relationship, but as you take a relationship game you must also obtain a role of a man – what is more, Slavic women just love it. It means that you shall take initiative of arranging your meetings, so as comforting your lady on a date and making things up if something intervened you two. Most Russian women confessed they get awkward when a man offers them an initiative to make date plans, choose places or whatever. These girls consider this activity as a male part and want you to play it well, as they nail their feminine one.


Be a gentlemen

Most Slavic females are very romantic, so being a gentleman and simply a nice guy would definitely boost your reputation and attractiveness in your girlfriend’s eyes. If you are kind inside but behave like total bonehead, no need to get upset before time – go look through some basic gentlemen tips, for there are a lot of them on the internet. Here some basic ones – like taking care of her coat as you leave the establishment, or pull the chair or open a door for her – these are simple things that will express your attitude and make her feel kindly treated. Just be good and show your sincere attitude by actions and candid compliments.

Mind gender roles

Continuing the conversation of the male and female sides we take during the interaction with each other, here’s the point for you to opposite Russian men a little. Thing is that these men are considered to be rather imperious, which is like a negative aspect of their common masculinity (that is actually attractive to women of their nation). There is quite thin line between being a man in it’s full sense taking confidence and responsibility, making your woman feel secured and free to complete female role and a rude fellow who brags his force and constrains his woman by simply suppressing her individuality with one’s push. So in your relationship you shall be a bit of both – well pronounced male, though quite deliberate partner – as many Slavic women love their freedom and self-expression via work and study and would like you to respect that as well. In return you will get satisfied spouse who will instinctively give back the feeling you make her have.


Buy her flowers

This tip is very old but as actual as always. Girls love flowers, especially such romantic as Russian and Ukrainian ones. Here’s the point you shall actually follow the example of Slavic men, as they present girls flowers on practically any occasion as this is probably the most common way of expressing one’s affection.

Hope these were useful for you and your relationship with those aliens Russian and Ukrainian women sometimes seem will progress in its best way.


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