How to Start Sexting a Girl and What Every Guy Must Know

Let me just put this out there. Do not start with a dick pic. That should go without saying, but honestly, this is not the way to get things started. I know you are anxious to show her how hot and hard she makes you, but when you rush into sexting with a forceful tone like this, you are going to throw her off big time.

So, you have a girl you want to start sexting with? Here are some tips on how to get started and woo her into wanting to sext with you.


Play it Casual

If she thinks that sexting is all you want, she might be turned off immediately. Sometimes it is hard for guys to understand that girls aren’t wired for sex 24/7. The analogy I like to use is the moon.

For guys, sex is like the full moon. They are pretty much always up for it and ready. Girls are more like a crescent moon. They are interested, of course, but you need to help get them to the full moon. And just like the moon’s cycle you can’t skip from crescent moon to full moon instantaneously. You need to through each of the phases to get there. So, start out casually, talk, listen, and pay attention to her likes, wants, and needs.


Lean in With Suggestive Banter

This is more of an art than any other part of sexting. You want to play innocent yet still put the idea in her head. Look for chances to make a playful joke about sex, or make her think she is flirting with you. For instance, if she says that she is going to take a shower, you can text “Trying to get me excited?” with a wink emoji. Continue to keep it playful until she responds with a green light text – something that tells you she is into it, too. You’ll know when this happens!


Share the Details

Now that she is ready, you need to take the lead in sharing your sexual fantasies. You need to get really comfortable telling her want you want, what you like, and what you think about. This can be a little unnerving, because no one wants to be shut down, but if it happens, just note it, and move on. No two people have every sexual desire in common, so if something doesn’t “work,” just say “Cool, I hear you. What about ____?” You want to quickly move to something you are compatible with so the sexting can continue.


How You Feel About Her

Nothing makes a woman feel more sexy than knowing she turns a guy on. Share these details freely and you will see another side of her open up. Get raw and tap into your animal-side about it if you have to. She will like knowing she has that effect on you, and she may have been waiting for it a long time. Once she responds to this the same, you will both be able to naturally take it from there. Trust me.

Getting a girl to want to sext with you doesn’t have to be an awkward exchange. Use these tips to and you’ll soon be enjoying some fun times sexting and having fun with your partner.




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