Is a Match For You?

If you haven’t heard about in one capacity or another, Guiltless Miss would certainly be surprised.  It is one of the most recognized dating sites in the U.S.



Upon signing up, which initially is free, singles are directed to a personality test to better sort matches and determine the mates they would receive via email or notification on the site.  First look at the proposed mates seems to reveal body type matches more than personality matches, but the more a person’s profile is built, the more a match can be made.  Besides suggested profiles, there is an extensive search function allowing the user to find mates in multiple ways.



Besides an in depth search function, users have a multitude of other features that are easily accessible gives uses an option of marking their proposed matches as “I’m Intrigued” or “No Way”.  This function will better assist the sort levels of matches.

There are also IM and email functions available between users that keep each anonymous to a point with each message only showing up through the website instead of going to a personal location until the users decide to share more personal information.
This, however, is a paid function.

DateSpark and Stir are two newer functions.  DateSpark is yet another personality question that asks questions about a user’s perfect first date and matches users in hopes that they will never have another horrible first date!

Stir is’s “mixer” or social addition to their site.  With a little location information, a user can find information about where to meet singles in the area and hopefully have fun in a group setting.  It is a first come first serve type of event setting and the event listing will tell users if it is “Full” or “No Longer Available”.



In order to communicate with other members, users must subscribe with a 1, 6, or 12 month membership ranging from $19.99-$35.99 USD.  Signing up and searching is free, but in order to fully access the match functions and begin communicating with other singles, a subscription is required.



There is a variety of advice columns, news articles, and other media available to users.  they aren’t easy to find, but with a little digging, they are there for singles looking for a little advice or some ideas as to what to expect in the dating scene.  It’s’s very own online dating magazine of sorts.


SUMMARY has a variety of functions and is essentially user friendly.  All in all, seems advertised: a dating website.  Whether one can find a deep and meaningful relationship through might take some work, but certainly can be possible with some trial, error, and determination!

Why not join for FREE today and see what you can find. 

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  1. Sam Lawrence
    July 18, 2013

    Great review – I’ve used Match before and I think it’s a little expensive – especially when they keep taking money from your bank account.

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