REVEALED: Why Women Don’t Choose Men That Are Good for Them

If you ask a woman the type of man she is willing to date or get into a relationship with, she’ll answer with something like: “I want a NICE GUY who comes from a good family… who is sensitive, caring, romantic, dependable… a man who can be my best friend… etc.” But when you’re out and about and you look around, you will notice that the majority of women seem to be found with truly “bad boys”, or guys who are exactly the opposite of what they say they want. Why is that? Truth is, it’s not what women SAY they want, but it’s what they are ATTRACTED to. Women choose the men that they feel attracted to, but not necessarily the men that are good for them. As dating expert David DeAngelo has written: “When we are attracted to someone else, it takes control of us and there’s almost NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT.” Acting OVERLY nice never causes a woman to feel attraction for you Most men try to prove themselves to women that they are good for them by giving them gifts and flowers. They take a woman out to fancy dinners, and spend tons of […]

This Conversational Technique Helps Build Attraction with A Woman Quickly (So You Don’t Wind Up in The Friend Zone)

Here’s how to stir up sexual feelings in a woman and make her feel a sexual connection to you. This approach to talking to a woman makes you stand out from other guys and sets you up as an attractive guy. Thereby increasing your chances of “getting physical” with the woman you’re interested in. Because when you engage a woman in this form of conversation, not only does it make her want to keep talking to you, it also turns her on and gets her thinking about sex with you. Now, what conversational technique am I talking about here… …this is none other than taking your conversation with a woman SEXUAL. Or more accurately, talking about sexual topics. Most men are afraid to offend a woman Unfortunately, this ISN’T what most men talk about with a woman they want to get into a romantic relationship with. Most men only talk about safe and neutral topics with a woman they’re interested in. Because they’re afraid of the negative impression the woman might have of them. But truth is, women enjoy having sexual conversations. They enjoy that tingly feelings of sexual tension. And the guy who can stir up that sexual feelings […]

How to Start Sexting a Girl and What Every Guy Must Know

Let me just put this out there. Do not start with a dick pic. That should go without saying, but honestly, this is not the way to get things started. I know you are anxious to show her how hot and hard she makes you, but when you rush into sexting with a forceful tone like this, you are going to throw her off big time. So, you have a girl you want to start sexting with? Here are some tips on how to get started and woo her into wanting to sext with you.   Play it Casual If she thinks that sexting is all you want, she might be turned off immediately. Sometimes it is hard for guys to understand that girls aren’t wired for sex 24/7. The analogy I like to use is the moon. For guys, sex is like the full moon. They are pretty much always up for it and ready. Girls are more like a crescent moon. They are interested, of course, but you need to help get them to the full moon. And just like the moon’s cycle you can’t skip from crescent moon to full moon instantaneously. You need to through each […]

16 Tips and Tricks to make Long Distance Relationships just a little Closer!

Distance is challenging for any couple, but there are a few tips and tricks to make the long-distance seem just a little closer. From talking about your day to planning a visit, closing the gap in little ways is vital for a healthy and happy long-distance relationship. Check out these top tips for creating a lasting long-distance relationship that loves in all the little ways possible. Image Credit: Keep Positive Communication Positive communication helps cultivate a happy relationship. By establishing healthy boundaries and keeping up positive and intentional communication, your relationship can manage the ups and downs that distance creates. Send Letters Snail mail letters may be a thing of the past, but they can make your partner feel more cared for by having a personal note to hold onto. Whether you are writing poems or simply catching up about your life, a hand-written letter can help your partner feel all the more loved. Give a Special Object Give a special object to your partner before you part ways. A stuffed animal, t-shirt, or baggy pair of sweatpants all count as a special object that gives your partner a piece of you. Leave it as a surprise or a […]

Top 3 Reasons People Lie In Their Online Dating Profiles

After online dating for over 15 years, then creating a profession out of it, I do not think there is a single lie I have not seen, heard or experienced. We all know the standard online dating lies at this point, where women are notorious for lying about their age and weight and men about their height and income, but I am addressing bigger lies and the professional (and, personal!) reasons I believe people often lie in their dating profiles. Three will not do this justice, but let’s start here:

To Play or Not to Play? Introducing Toys to Your New Partner

Most women own a sex toy or two. Whether it's a little bullet vibrator or something a little more out there, we often rely on toys to spice up our alone time. When you start dating though, do you keep your toys a secret? Or do you invite your partner to use them with you? We'll look at both sides of the argument, and help you to decide just how far you take things with a new partner.

Should Strange Habits Spell THE END of Your Relationship?

When we’re on our own we don’t have to deal with anyone’s stuff. When we’re in a relationship suddenly we have to cope with the other, who may have strange habits that drive us around the bend. Take Justine, for example. She dated Sam, a man she adored and yet he had habits that drove her mad. The worst one being his strange jokes in public, which almost ended their relationship.

The First Year: what is next in your relationship?

You have already gone through 365 days of happiness with your soulmate. After celebrating this marvelous occasion, it is time to understand what you are going to do next. One year is quite enough to make some conclusions, but not too long to end relationship and 'stay friends', approximately. Much has changed and much will change. and our team decide to talk about this edging point in details.

10 Things You’re Doing Right Now That Are Killing Your Relationships With Women

Here's a (short) list of things men are doing to kill their relationships with women AND they can fix those things... right now. I hope my comments have value for you. ;)

How relationships go from Bang to Boom overnight

  Everyone wants to be in a relationship that sparkles with passion, connection and love. Dana and Mathew had this type of relationship. They waltzed through three honey moon months where they revealed in each other’s company; they loved dancing, debating Middle Eastern politics and cooking Indian food. It felt like a match made in heaven. Until one day it wasn’t. Their relationship disintegrated over one issue they didn’t agree on, euthanasia. Wait a minute, I hear you say, how can a perfectly solid, loving relationship break apart like a chocolate Kinder Egg over one issue? Very easily. Without realizing it, euthanasia in Mathew and Dana’s relationship was a hot, volcanic topic that brought up unresolved emotional issues. Mathew’s father suffered a rare and painful condition for many years that rendered him immobile. Unable to help him, Mathew felt helpless and pained at not being able to alleviate his father’s suffering. His father didn’t believe in taking his own life and suffered for many years with chronic pain until his death. Because of this Mathew was pro-euthanasia, why should anyone have to suffer like that? Meanwhile Dana had her own emotional baggage. Her grandmother was chronically ill, and wanted Dana […]