The Must Knows About Sex, Dating And Relationships


1. Develop a Dating Strategy

Your first date is supposed to be fun and lighthearted but the main goal is to decide with rationality and purpose whether or not you want to go on a second one. So make sure you probe around the potential deal breakers and learn a lot without going through an obvious checklist! Consider attraction, chemistry, life goals, communication skills, eye contact comfort, life plans like kids, location to live, etc, lifestyle issues like active versus sedentary, travel versus home, fine dining versus casual, etc.


2. Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Pay attention and think them through. Red flags early on are extremely important sign posts. Don’t ignore or discount them. Red flags early on will only become worse down the road.


3. Go To Couples Therapy Early

Once things go exclusive, and everything is at its best, go to couples counseling then to establish the relationship and foundation with the professional who will help you when an issue inevitably surfaces.


4. Don’t Let Things Fester

Be fastidious about observing what things both you about your partner. And then arrange a way to convey these things in a supportive way so that nothing festers. Festering issues is the cancer of relationships.


5. Men: Be A Gentleman

Women generally love when a man is a gentleman. That means standing when a woman joins or leaves a dining table, opening car and building doors for them, helping them with coats and sweaters, letting them enter or leave a room ahead of you, push revolving doors for them, etc.


6. Go Away Together Sooner Than Later

Though it is very much against conventional wisdom, I strongly recommend that you go away for a long weekend or other such trip early on. Have separate rooms if you aren’t there yet physically or if having your own space feels right but spending that extended, concentrated time away together dramatically illuminates things. Nothing shows whether you are compatible or not like a few days away together. Yes, you are in a beautiful environment and yes it is in that early honeymoon phase but it still is incredibly telling how you travel together, decide things together, whether your chemistry is sustained during that concentrated time, whether you still like each other’s company as much. This is a big one. Try it and see!!


7. Be Present, Savor

Make special efforts all the time but especially when you are with your partner to really be present. Be in the moment and appreciate your partner every day. Taking someone for granted is truly the deadly curse and killer of human relationships. Enjoy and savor every moment possible. If thinking about the future too much, you miss the present…

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