Top 5 Tips for Finding Romance

Top 5 Tips for Seniors to Find Endless Summer Love

The weather is still warm well into October.  In some areas of the country, the weather is temperate year round, so you can engage in these option any time you so desire.

While the longest day of the year is past, it’s still light well into the evening.  Everyone is getting outdoors more in the summertime and early fall, so now you know where all the people are!  If you’re looking to heat things up in your romantic life, head to where all the other people are by getting out and active.


1.     Park Concert Series

Poke around online at the events calendar for your city and neighboring towns.  Look not only for concerts to attend but also investigate if any of the concerts feature associated mingling activities in conjunction with the music.  Sure, the classical concert band might be fun to listen to.


2.     Get Up and Dance

However, don’t neglect attending the Jazz Concert with an hour of free Swing Dance lessons beforehand.  You’ll immediately be interacting in comfortable light ways with the others in attendance.  If dancing appeals to you, check out the Park and Recreation catalog for dance options.  Many of the many different dance styles of American Social Dancing have their Beginners Dance Classes start in September.


3.     Go to Adult Ed School

School isn’t just for kids anymore.  It’s the weekend or a week night and the local community education office has a plethora of special adult education and continuing education seminars to enrich your life and engage your mind.  Summertime is a great time to take a Personal Development class or simply explore a new hobby.


 4.      Read a Book

Your local public library often sponsors “Meet the Author” Saturday morning events or hosts a local book club.  One of the benefits to joining a book club if even only for the reading of 1 book of special interest to you is that you will casually and comfortably have automatic repeated social contact with the same people each week.  Often at the end of the book reading the club will sponsor a social potluck enabling for even more conversation and the continuing of friendships started.


 5.      Get Involved Locally

Whether you help a political cause, your favorite non-profit, or back a local politician’s bid for office, get involved in your local community.  Put your arm and legs to work for something you care about.  Volunteer in your city.  You will naturally be meeting kindred spirit of like minds to you.  You will already know that your values are aligned.  Offer to bake and bring the muffins to the next Saturday morning precinct walk.  After you have already become a little bit acquainted with your fellow volunteers, offer to carpool together and give the others a ride.  The added time together in the car further develops the acquaintanceship while at the same time saves the ecosystem.


Which activity can you see yourself pursuing soon?

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  1. Love this article – especially the getting involved locally idea. What a cool way to meet a like-minded single.

    Thanks for sharing

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