When to dance the Funky Chicken with your New Guy


Sex ignites a relationship especially in those amazing early stages where you can’t keep your hands off each other yet having sex with your new guy too soon can leave you heartbroken. One of the core questions women who are dating have is when to have sex with the new guy.


The important thing

To remember is that female biology is different to men’s biology (yes I’m stating the obvious). Men are designed to procreate because in the caveman times, they needed to keep the human race alive. Their brains are designed to store love and sex in different parts so can have sex with anyone, even women they aren’t attracted to. It’s just sex – fulfilling a biological calling.


Women on the other hand

Are biologically designed to nurture. To find the best mate to look after her and her young. She needs to be certain that her mate will protect her without question and disregard all other women. Women store love and sex in the same part of their brain and that’s why they often confuse sex for love.


The 3 date rule

Did exist but that rule is almost obsolete now with sites like Tinder making hooking up for one-night stands the norm. Don’t be fooled! Just because having frivolous sex is more acceptable, doesn’t mean it leads to love. Him having sex does not mean he loves you!


Without sounding clique

Men like the hunt. They want to know that they have got the best girl in town and will fight for her so the longer you can hold off having starting a sexual relationship, the better. Now I’m not telling you to wear a Chastity belt until the man signs on the dotted line to be committed to you. I’m saying delay the sexual relationship to give the good guys a chance to show good courtship rituals. It’s so important especially if you’re looking for a long term relationship.


Enjoy the excitement of getting to know each other and exploring each other’s bodies without sex. This beautiful ‘in love’ period passes in a fleeting moment so enjoy it while you can. There is no set rule to when to have sex with your new guy. Trust your intuition, it is your gift as a woman. Know one thing, people always appreciate what they have to fight for and you are worth the fight.

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