Top 5 Ideas For An Awesome Christmas Date

Christmas is coming. It is the most romantic and magic time of the year when dreams come true. Do you like her but do not dare to ask her out? Maybe you are afraid of making a move.  There are so many people around who cannot venture upon a new step. However, Christmas is a time when miracles happen. So, do not let the chance slip to go out on a date with your ideal partner.

We decided to compose ideas for awesome Christmas date.

Christmas concerts

Many local churches and theaters open their doors for spectators. They represent Christmas musicals like “Christmas carol” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to listen to Christmas music that always lifts spirits. You should check the local schedule before asking your partner out. The concerts last about two hours. Usually, the church’s event is free. However, it would be nice to put few dollars in the passing basket. The cheapest concert of professional symphony starts at 30$.

If you are a fan of ballet, traditional and romantic The Nutcracker will be the best choice for Christmas date.


is a good way to spend time together in Christmas eve. The honorable services bring people together and help them to get to know each other. Clothing donation centers, soup kitchens, and food banks especially need volunteers to help during winter holidays. Maybe this idea does not seem romantic but this pastime is the best way to see the real personality of your partner. However, this type of date is not a good choice for the first soiree. You should practice it after some time together.


It is the banal but very romantic pastime for couples. Moreover, ice-skating is a reason to hold hands and support each other. It could help you to maintain the emotional bond with your partner.  Many cities arrange out-door skating rinks in winter which are more romantic than in-door ones.

The Christmas market date

This type of date could be combined with ice-skating. Christmas fairs always come with live music, sales, artisan gifts, Christmas ornaments, sausages and hot cider.  It is the ideal choice for a date after work when you do not have much time. That is why you have to plan other activities in case the date goes well.

The Santa Con

It is an event when people dress up in Santa outfits and have fun. You can rent costumes and participate in the Con. The main ceremony takes part in New York. However, you can attend similar events throughout the USA. The date with costumes and drinks could cost minimum 100$.


Remember that Christmas is a magic time when people open their hearts for miracles and new opportunities. That is why, you should snatch at a chance to ask your partner out and spend the most romantic time of the year together.


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